Her first show dog was a Wire Fox Terrier in 1985 and became a Lakeland Terrier and Min. Schnauzer breeder under the affix "DEL SOMNI"
Since 1990 and together with her husband Jesús Pastor they bred Westies, Scottish, Fox Terriers, Cairn, English Cocker and Yorkshire terrier under the affix "ALBORADA". Today they only breed West Highland White and Scottish terriers. Up to date they obtained twenty-four World Champions and over 517 other titles in 56 different countries.
She's founder member of Associació Canina Unió Cinófila de Catalunya of which she's President since 2000. She's also a member of the General Committee of the Real Sociedad Canina de España since 2002.
She's a member of the Club Español de Terriers since 1985 and now member of the committee.
She's a terrier judge since 2002 and she's judged in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia ,Lithuania, Latvia, France, Brazil, Croatia, Romania, Rep. Cze., Portugal, Norway , Hungary, Serbia, Finland ,Russia, Poland, Estonia , Ukraine and Slovaquia.
Now I judge ALL GRUP II, III and IV, and the breeds most populars in the GRUP IX.